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May 8, 2019

November 2, 2018

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May 16, 2019

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May 8, 2019

What do you wish for in your perfect partner in crime? Is it loyalty? unconditional love? or maybe just a good laugh? Well one of these is good, all of them seem impossible to achieve, at least for us humans. 

They teach us that one of the best things for kids is to grow up with and around animals, what they don't tell you is, that once you've grown up with a dog, you'll always want to have a dog. Simple reason: they are the sweetest, funniest and most annoying little things that can come into your life. Maybe you have siblings, that's kind of what it feels like. 

Rami is one of those dogs, well she is not one specific one, she's kind of all of them in one little mix matched bundle of dog. What I'm about to tell you might not be the right way to go about things, when getting a dog, because it wasn't really thought through properly, but we did adopt her and I am pretty certain we gave her a very good home and a real shot at living a happy dog life.

We started this Instagram Account, that is going pretty well so far, thank you very much, and watching other peoples stories before falling asleep became the thing to do. One day a really special woman on Instagram called DariaDaria had this puppy in her story, because it reminded her of her own, and a link to this other account of someone rescuing dogs in Bulgaria. You follow the link, as you do when somebody bates you with cute dogs, and we did. I wrote a message to the people in Bulgaria, asking them if this adorable pup was still up for adoption. Side note: I really thought she wasn't, I thought she had already found her forever home, with a nice family somewhere in the suburbs and a white picked fence. No, she hadn't because apparently people don't seem to adopt black dogs that much, which yes is weird, and also new information I have obtained since. So well they were really happy that I had asked about her, and well I didn't really want to be the Jackass who backed out at this point, and so she was on her way to Vienna. 

As I remember it, we picked her up in the middle of the night, or possibly the very early morning from a gas station nearby, and she was handed to me and that was it. She was our responsibility now, which is a weird feeling and freaked me out just a bit, but it's fine now. 


She used to be a very very scared little thing, not even willing to go out the door. Well that has changed drastically, now she is kind of taking over, but in a very controlled way of course, she loves to walk up front for the best view, she loves sleeping wherever we are and she just loves running. 


Was it the best decision to adopt a dog? Yes. Would we do it again, from Helen in Bulgaria? Yes, absolutely. 

We are very much those people who really would love it, if people adopted their pets rather than buy them in stores like milk and bread. 


Rami isn't the most beautiful dog, she certainly isn't the smartest, but she is absolutely the greatest. We love her, she is as odd as we are.


Well she is pretty gorgeous though!

 "those who teach us the most about humanity, aren't always humans." - o.A.


Helen's House of Hope : https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Nonprofit-Organization/Helens-House-of-Hope-157459161275076/

(really great people, doing very important stuff, are worth all the support)


huge thanks to Robert from @everydaystray and @dariadaria (Instagram), without them we wouldn't have found her. 


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